Many musicians and artists chase fame and riches, while others pursue it to share their point of view with the world, and to inspire others along the way. Bangkok-based BTA falls into the latter category – a musician who strives to create timeless music capable of connecting the listener to the artist in a deeply profound way. It’s within this esoteric zone of art that allows musicians to break down barriers that reside in all of us, removing those mental constructs that hold us back from being the best possible versions of ourselves. This is precisely what BTA sets out to do. 

BTA’s music can be described as contemporary pop, incorporating transitional elements to blend classical songwriting motifs with modern production values. Although intent on carving out her brand of Pop, her music is not without a tinge of influence. These include many of our generation’s contemporary greats, ranging from Whitney Houston, Adele, and Beyonce, to name just a few.

At the core of BTA’s music is her highly expressive voice, one capable of conveying all the ups and downs in life in a single line. Each track is imbued with a deep sense of empowerment, coercing the listener to invite self-love into their lives. ‘Embrace’ is a perfect example of this, a track that was written during the midst of COVID-19 in 2021. In her words, the track serves as a “reminder that the biggest enemy is actually your own self”.

BTA has been singing for as long as she can remember. Having been raised by her grandmother in Thailand, she was brought up on a musical diet of Thai instrumental music, which inevitably helped forge an ear for scales, notes, pitches, and rhythm. However, it wasn’t until she received her master’s degree in 2016 that she decided to pursue a life surrounded by music. Two years later, in a moment of epiphany and clarity, BTA realized that her purpose in life was to help make the world a more colorful place through her gifted musical talents. Having done a complete 180 and now focusing her energy on professional music training, BTA is fully committed to materializing that vision while helping others realize their potential – that miracles can only be found within themselves.